Eric and Ruchi

"We consider Shaadi Destinations the premiere Caribbean destination wedding planners because their experience, breadth of knowledge, relationships, and willingness to focus on the minutiae exceeded our wildest expectations. One would be hard-pressed to find any company that could rival their expertise in creating such a modern, fun beach wedding.

For a company that bills itself as “an award-winning Indian destination wedding agency,” they are so much more than that. They brought our interfaith (Hind-Jewish) wedding to life in EXACTLY the way we wanted. They guided us to make thoughtful, budget-friendly choices. Their Wolf of Wall Street negotiating tactics got us amazing perk after amazing perk. And most importantly, their flawless execution the day of the wedding proved they were worth every penny.

From negotiating jaw-droppingly low room rates at a top-tier resort to providing on-site logistics the day of our events, Milan and Shree are a force to be reckoned with. The beauty of our wedding events (ceremony and reception in particular) was only possible because we trusted in their sound judgment. Our jaws dropped when we saw what our Pinterest boards had become—a wedding experience my wife and I (to say nothing of our guests) will ever forget."

- Eric, Groom at TRS Coral

Milan Raj