Ruchi and Eric

"Thank you Shaadi Destinations for streamlining the wedding planning process! With a near infinite number of permutations for what our wedding could have looked like, my fiancé and I found ourselves at the crossroads of price, options, and indecision. We vacillated for weeks on where to go, how it should look, and how much we would inevitably spend. However, when we spoke to Milan at Shaadi Destinations, he calmly and expertly walked us through the process, empowering us to create our perfect wedding. We never had to worry about his responsiveness, and he was the consummate professional despite us bombarding him with constant questions. He allayed all of our concerns and my fiancé and I were able to relax and enjoy the process.

Overall, wedding planning is a scary endeavor. At its worst it creates strife between you and your partner, and unearths deep questions about cost, attendance, vision, and timing. At its best--which is what Shaadi Destinations offers--my fiancé and I were able to create (and afford) the wedding we've always wanted. Eternal thanks to Milan and Shaadi Destinations for giving us the one thing we wanted out of our wedding planning--PEACE OF MIND!! Certainly money well spent!"

- Ruchi, Bride at Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres

Milan Raj