Reena and Sureel

"We were looking into Mexico for our destination wedding and we weren’t sure which area to choose or resort/venue and no clue about the market at all except the experience I had attending an American wedding in Cancun last July. From that and realizing more and more Indian weddings were happening in Mexico is when I was convinced the advantages were a perfect fit for us. 

We started to search for wedding planners/travel agents and came across one but she didn’t give me the attention I needed with the research of the resorts nor information that would help narrow down the 50 plus resorts we had to choose from. She took a month to reply to one email! So my fiancé did a little digging and found Shaadi Destinations! It was meant to be that we found them honestly. 

They noted down what our budget was, what type of wedding and preferences we were looking into.. from there they were able to suggest resorts that had the most credits, and could work with our budget, they knew all the vendors, and gave us options on what would work best for us and our vision. They had every answer and lots of options for us to choose from!  They made the indecisiveness a lot easier. 

It helps when someone knows the market there to negotiate - so we aren’t going in blind as to what is reasonable to ask for and not. I honestly feel less stressed as a bride. Since our job is never done and endless preparations are to be made, Shaadi Destinations made this year so much easier. AND they respond to my every email super fast and detailed!

I think I took them on as my therapist too! They calm me down when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. Their positivity on everything helps me know that everything will turn out just as we imagined and more.

I wish I could give you any down side to even out all the positives but I honestly cannot think of anything that they could be better with."

- Reena, Bride at Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun by Karisma

Milan Raj