Karuna and Sean

"Sean and I were both in our residency programs when we were 'planning' our wedding. As you can imagine, it was basically impossible to do both - so many venues, resorts, and countries to research before knowing what's right for us and our family. Plus, our parents had very specific ideas in mind. Then, you throw in the budget requirements!

We luckily found Shaadi Destinations a few months into the process, and one call with the team there gave us enough confidence to embark on our planning process with them leading the charge. Quickly, they scoped out various options all within our budget. They thought of everything including tips for vendors and fit it all in. We had them handle the cruise rates, getting perks from Royal Caribbean, then work with all the vendors to make it come to life.

We got married last March, and it was literally everything! I can't imagine how much time it took for them to plan, given all the moving party. Our cruise ship experience was the most fun I have ever had, and all our guests still continue to talk about it. The Indian food on the ship was so great, and Shaadi Destinations worked with the cruise director to make everything go perfectly. We got married at the Atlantis as our ship docked in the Bahamas - and it was beautiful. We are so excited to recommend Shaadi Destinations to our friends and family"

- Karuna, Bride at Atlantis Bahamas

Milan Raj