Jasmine and Kevin

November 1-3, 2019 | Hard Rock hotel Punta Cana

Discounted Group Rates for Jasmine and Kevin.png
  • Reservations MUST be made using this form to attend wedding events; reservations made directly with the resort, via online travel agencies such as Expedia or Hotels.com, or via a travel agency will not receive any group perks, discounted group pricing, and promotions.

  • Discounted room rates are valid from October 29 - November 5th as friends and family are welcome to extend their time with us in paradise :-)

  • Room Total Cost can be found by multiplying nightly rate x number of nights. For example, 2 adults in a Caribbean Suite for 4 nights would be Double Occupancy Rate of $393 x 4 nights = $1,572 all-inclusive of food, beverages, activities, taxes, and fees.

  • Any questions can be directed to hello@shaadidestinations.com with subject 'Jasmine and Kevin'

RECENT Guests' Pictures from Hard Rock Punta Cana