How much do Indian destination weddings actually cost?

Tired of hearing that Indian destination weddings will save you time and money, but having no idea what your dream destination wedding will cost? Shaadi Destinations has this down to a science, but every client is unique and has their own objectives and goals! For more specific questions or tailoring of your budget, feel free to contact us directly!

Couples spend significantly less on the wedding of their dreams when working with Shaadi Destinations compared to when working with the resort directly due to extra negotiated exclusive perks.

Here, the Shaadi Destinations team covers the TRUE cost of a sample 3 event Indian destination wedding weekend in paradise AKA Cancún, Mexico.

A Lavish 3 Event Wedding typically includes...

Mehndi and sangeet night

Guests typically arrive on Thursday or Friday, and the party starts right away! While many Shaadi Destinations couples choose to have separate Mehndi and Sangeet events, the majority choose to mix it up on night one!

  • 4 Hour Private Event

  • Terrace or Beach Party

  • Mexican Night (tacos, enchiladas, and more!)

  • Premium Open Bar

  • Dance Floor for Performances

  • Mehndi Artists for Guests

  • Colored Linens, Draping, and Artful Mehndi Stations

  • Dance Floor, DJ, and Lighting

Hindu or Sikh Ceremony

It's time for the Groom's party to dance to the big event before the stunning Bride walks (or is carried) down the aisle to the gorgeous beachfront Mandap! So many beautiful, private venues to choose from for this moment!

  • Groom's Procession by Porsche or Decorated Horse

  • Dhol Player and Mobile DJ

  • Flower-adorned Mandap with Custom Designs and Colors

  • Cold Towels, Water, Juices, and Shading for Guests

  • Pundit or Granthi to Officiate

  • Haars / Jaimalas

  • All Ceremony-Required Decor


That same night or even the next, it's time to officially welcome the Dulha and Dulhan under the theatrical production quality lighting and lavish decor fit for (and designed to anticipate the needs of) the Bride and Groom!

  • 4 Hour Private Event

  • Ballroom or Rooftop

  • 5-Star Indian Dinner

  • Premium Open Bar

  • Floral Centerpieces

  • Colored Linens, Draping, and Sweetheart Table

  • Custom Monograms

  • Dance Floor, DJ, and Lighting

  • Cold Fireworks for Grand Exit

and behind every dream indian destination wedding is a dream team

  • On-Site Wedding Designers, Planners, and Coordinators

  • 5 Star DJ/MC/Dhol Entertainment Team

  • 5 Star Bridal Hair and Make-Up Stylist

  • 5 Star Photographer and Videographer Team

... Sounds like the wedding of my dreams! how much does it cost?!

Please note, these figures are averages and can go up or down depending on your preferences, seasons, quality of resort, and choice of destination. Every couple has different needs! Reach out today to see how your wedding goals and dreams can come to life, regardless of potential budgetary constraints. Shaadi Destinations gets the BEST exclusive perks at each resort - these can save you thousands of dollars.

But… the South Asian Wedding Packages offered at the resorts say 5 events for $11,999! Unfortunately these packages don’t include many components our couples often choose to add (like photography, videography, dancefloors, lighting, sound, DJ, dhol player, etc.). Is it possible to make a $15-25,000 budget work? Yes, but it will mainly feature white linens, minimal decor, perhaps a few hours of photography, and no videography. Contact us for more information, as each couple needs a case by case evaluation for their true cost!

how flexible are these prices? are there more affordable options? How do i get started?

Picking the right partner for this journey can change your net wedding cost by thousands of dollars (and in many cases, tens of thousands of dollars). While going direct to the resort and vendors typically sounds like it will be the most cost effective route, it never is for destination weddings. Find a team you trust to have your back, and this process is both easier for you and will unlock enormous savings from A to Z.

Shaadi Destinations is the premier, award winning, modern-day destination wedding travel agency for South Asian couples seeking a streamlined process, incredible experiences, and a party friends and family will never forget! We save our couples thousands of dollars while throwing them the wedding festivities dreams are made of.

We live and breathe destination weddings - with just one consultation, you will be light years ahead in your destination wedding planning process. In less than one week, Shaadi Destinations will find you the most perfect resort that meets your needs, your budget, and your desires. With our vendor relationships and pre-negotiated exclusive perks at resorts across Mexico and the Caribbean, we are confident we can find exactly what you are looking for. You'll find we have the best rates, best incentives, and best booking experience.

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